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Kenya lies on the Eastern coast of the African continent and is a must visit for its beautiful wildlife and birdlife. The flight from Mumbai takes nearly 6 hours across the Indian ocean.

The guides are well experienced to help you identify various species of flora and fauna. Our guide Ali was carrying Field guide books for mammals, birds, trees and shrubs and even a good book about the 42 different tribes of the country. However, to enhance your experience and help you document the list of species you see, purchasing guide books of your choice would be a good investment. I used the following guide books:
  1. "The Kingdon Guide to African Mammals" - Jonathan Kingdon published by A&C Black, London
  2. "Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania" - Dale Zimmerman & Ors Published by Princeton University Press
Both books give you detailed description and plates of each of the species and sub-species along with distribution maps as well information of the local habitat.
Of course, they will add about 2 Kgs to your baggage and lighten your wallet by US$ 85 - but it is well worth the effort and expense!

Some useful websites:
  1. Bombay Natural History Society   has many interesting activities for those interested in nature. Besides, they are actively involved in research and conservation efforts in the country. Visit their website at
  2. Africanquest which organsed our entire itinerary at the Kenyan end
  3. Another good site that gives comprehensive info about travel in Africa is

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