Masai Mara

We stayed at the Mara Fig Tree Camp - as the name implies had a Sycamore fig Tree with plenty of birdlife & some monkeys too! to watch. the accomodation is in tents - with all the amenities thrown in.

Some skulls displayed at the entrance

The reception/dining area of the Mara fig Tree Camp.

Picture taken at the Mara Game Reserve en route to the Mara River
some of my co-travelers
front row (L to R): self, Dr. Mangala Shah, Shireen Cama, our guide cum driver Ali, Dr. Ashok Shah,
2nd row (L to R) : Mahesh Ramchandani, tour leader- Nikhil Bhopale, Hitesh Chowhan, Rajiv Mulye
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some of the birds at the camp included the Village weaver(picture left), Baglafetch weaver, Red- cheeked cordon bleu, African paradise flycatcher, Blue flycatcher, African green pigeion, Violet-backed starling, Malachite sunbird, Yellow bishop

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