The beauty that is Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru National Park is situated jus 5 kms outside Nakuru city - third largest after Nairobi & Mombassa. a bustling but well laidout and clean town resembling a cantonment. The lake is one of the soda lakes in the rift valley & is home to over 2 million Lesser flamingoes that congregate across the lake and give it a beautiful rich pink colouration that can be seen as you approach it. As we entered the park gates, a couple of Hadada ibis quickly disappeared into the thicket.

Here you see the the lesser flamingo covering the lake leaving only the smaller periphery for the other birds.

4 species of birds can be seen in this picture: the most prominent are the Great white Pelicans and the Sacred ibis (curved beaks- black head); few Grey headed gulls join them in the hunt while a lonesome Black-winged stilt (small black and white speck to the right of the shore)looks on

Not nice to be a micro-minority! A Great cormorant (not so great out here) is gheraoed by the mighty Marabou.

More of the Grey-headed gull & sacred ibis
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