Equator, Thomson falls, Rift valley

We stop at a small place called Nyahururu which is right on the equator & we have now entered the southern Hemisphere. To mark this event, we are given Certificates for 200 Kenyan Shillings by the local Curio shop owner.

An interesting experiement to demonstrate the "Coriolis effect" where moving objects on the surface of the earth experience a "Coriolis force" and veer to the right in the Northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere. Right on the equator, the motion remains along the line of the equator.  

Our lunch halt was at Thomson's falls at a glitzy resort teeming with international tourists. The falls did not merit a photogrpah but what did enthrall us was this bottle brush tree where we spotted a number of birds - this Black-faced weaver bird as well as a host of others, viz. Montane white eye, Amethyst sunbird, Malachite sunbird, Bronze sunbird, golden-winged sunbird, Red-chested sunbird.

And if you are wondering how we got time for this impomptu birding bonanza?
Two of our vehicles got flat tyres! Well everything has a silver lining & this was a real treat for some of us!!!

A short halt to view the Great Rift Valley.
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